About the project

I worked with the team at Hemmings in 2014 to create their first iOS app and responsive site. I was the only designer for the app, and worked directly with Hemmings' team. For the website, I directed another designer and engineer.

We had to solve a key problem: the commerce process was desktop-centric, complex, and mobile-unfriendly. We needed to remove any unnecessary friction.

For the web, we needed to implement more effective advertising. We did low-level testing among friends to see which they'd be more likely to click to find the best way forward.

Key Accomplishments

  • Implemented better-performing advertisements through research and testing
  • Created a simplified, streamlined commerce experience for iOS that influenced their web experience
  • Created a unified design language that fit well with patterns specific to native apps and sites alike


The initial release of Hemmings 1.0
Vehicle detail
Lower-fidelity interactive wireframes
Higher-fidelity interactive wireframes
The pattern library which guided the project's redesign
Initial sketches for the web project
Initial sketches for the web project
Homepage design
Mobile homepage design
Hemmings website after launch