About the Project

I worked with this team for 3 years and grew to lead the interaction design for 3 iOS app releases. I also led our team's move to a responsive design for each of their 43 different properties. My work involved working directly with stakeholders, developers, researchers. I also assisted with usability studies.

Some important challenges were how to best balance advertising requirements while maintaining an excellent reading experience for their readers. This required much testing, prototyping, and discussions with stakeholders.

I was also challenged to increase signups and app usage, so I presented a concept that integrated personalized news that the business’ technology could support.

Key Accomplishments

  • Led the creation of a flexible design system and style guide for the web and native apps that matched a recent company rebrand.
  • Turned a 1-star app into a 4.5-star app.
  • Updated our design process to move away from static images and towards working prototypes and a more iterative approach.


The iOS app's menu article screen experience
The iOS app's menu article screen experience
The responsive redesign
Initial component explorations for article page redesign
Sample from the pattern library and style guide