Recent Work

Writing & Speaking

O’Reilly Media

Designing & Prototyping with Sketch

I created a video course for O'Reilly Media to help designers of every skill level use Sketch to make interactive prototypes. We discuss the benefits of prototyping and other design techniques, and even build a few prototypes.

UX Collective

Black Mirror brainstorms — a product design exercise

I love thinking about how to incorporate better ethics into the product design process—Black Mirror gave me the perfect inspiration here. I created an exercise to help product teams tease out the unintended and negative effects of what they build.

CBC Radio-Canada

Notifications Stress Me Out. How I Cut them Down to Improve My Well-being

I was part of a piece the CBC did on push notification fatigue. Here we discussed design considerations for push notifications and how to implement them without annoying people.


Push Notifications: The Good, the Bad, and the WTF Could U Not

I dive into what makes a great push notification and how to make the best use of them without annoying people.

Los Angeles User Experience Meetup

Conflict Resolution for People Who Hate Conflict

Does the thought of having a tough conversation with a colleague stress you out? If so, this is the talk for you. I share some practical techniques that helped me overcome my aversion to conflict and get to effective resolutions. You’ll walk away with tools you can use immediately to clearly get your message across without you or the conversation going to pieces.

Smashing Magazine

Giving Your Product a Soul

I share my principles for designing products and how to help them (and the designer) succeed. Also, a few tricks for convincing bosses and teammates to go along with you on the journey.

Smashing Magazine

Prototyping iOS And Android Apps With Sketch

I provide a Sketch blueprint file that helps you prototype apps quickly with Sketch inside of an editor like InVision or Flinto, and discuss why you’ll want to prototype your ideas instead of sending over flat images for discussion. A prototype is worth a thousand meetings (or something close to it).

Smashing Magazine

A Better Way To Request App Ratings

I make the case for app developers to do more than ask for a 5-star rating in the App Store by opening conversations with frustrated users. I share how my team used this tactic to take a 1.5-star app to a 5-star app.

About Me

Here’s a photo of what I look like if you ever see me in real life.

Hi there! 👋

Joshua here. You can call me Josh.

I’ve been designing for a while—since 2005. (That doesn’t count all the time when teenage me spent a lot of time getting his tan from a monitor because I was at home working for bands.)

I’m currently designing at Pivotal in Santa Monica and have an extensive background in designing successful products for mobile devices.

Part of my job includes doing things like:

  • Leading discovery workshops to understand what we’re building and who we’re helping
  • Defining interactions and flows
  • Learning from people by interviewing, testing and iterating
  • Making those neat, animated prototypes
  • Making you groan after that awful pun

How I See Design

Good design puts people first by solving their problems before doing anything else. It doesn't make people think too much about how to use it.

The best design has a soul—it adds up to more than the sum of its parts. You know, something you can fall in love with.