About the Project

Rack Room Shoes needed to launch their first iOS and Android apps. I led the design and also played the role of an architect, and a strategist who led workshops.

Problems to Solve

  1. Encourage greater participation in their rewards program by reducing customer confusion
  2. Clear up uncertainty about order status
  3. Reduce time spent on the phone with customer service
  4. Integrate their current mobile web shopping system

The Solution

I listened to customer support calls in order to better understand their mindset and problems. I also visited stores to chat with customers.

We tested constantly and iterated often. In the end, we created a delightful rewards experience that clearly shows a customer's rewards and their expiration date.

For orders, we crafted an order tracking system that shows the most relevant information at a glance to a customer. We also set up push notifications for each step of the shipping process.

I provided a heuristic evaluation of their current mobile web experience to tie in better with the app experience.

Key Accomplishments

  • Boosted average purchase by 20%
  • Increased participation in rewards program by 20%
  • 250% increase in download expectations


The first version of our app required an integration of their mobile web shopping experience (we’ll get to go native soon)
The order view
Store locator for Android
Rewards explorations
Customer journey map
Rewards animation exploration
Navigation exploration for departments