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I’ve designed software to help Space Force fire lasers into space and earned over 500,000 5-star reviews on apps I’ve designed. Big or small, I love working through tricky problems and designing the right approach to addressing them.

Consulting #

I help my clients build new capabilities, products, and teams. I also help them do it in a way that’s tailored specifically to them, their business, and culture—I don’t just give them a process to follow and take their money.

I have over 15 years of experience and 5 of leading teams as a player-coach in healthcare, retail, and other industries. My multidisciplinary approach and experience with design, code, and management allows me to work closely with engineers, product managers, and stakeholders alike to know what they need for success.

You can learn more about my process and the philosophy that underpins it, too.

Services I Offer #

  • Design systems
  • Design consulting
  • Mobile app prototypes
  • Startup product/market fit

If you’d like to work together, visit my portfolio to see some recent examples of my work. Or better yet:

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Coaching #

Nice Weather: Developing Human-Centered Leaders
Nice Weather: Developing Human-Centered Leaders

I created a coaching company, Nice Weather, in 2022 because I saw a need for a different kind of leadership: one with a focus on adding more kindness and thoughtfulness into leaders. The key idea being that leadership’s future is human-centered. The link below will tell you more.

☀️ Nice Weather

Professional Biography #

I’m not like other design leaders.

My ideal day isn’t sitting in strategy meetings all day, managing managers. Instead, I find joy in working at both the strategic tactical level. Some call it a player-coach, I call it my happy place.

Since starting my career, I’ve built high-performing, deeply collaborative design teams from scratch and designed 5-star mobile apps. Being a leader who loves being hands-on and practicing my craft gives me my edge.

I work with companies in healthcare, fintech, and other consumer-facing industries. My most rewarding projects are those which help people lead better lives through improving their mental and physical health.

I’ve managed directly for over 5 years of management and have over 15 years experience in practicing design. My start came from being a visual artist that created websites for bands.

My values are important, and they’ll enrich both your product and company:

  • Being responsible for what we put into the world
  • Being principle-driven, not process-shackled
  • Kindness, fairness, and equity
  • Talking it out

Hi there! It’s me, Joshua.
Hi there! It’s me, Joshua.

I’m currently writing a book called “We Need to Talk: How to Have Hard Conversations with Anyone” for Rosenfeld Media. It’s due out in 2023.

Talk to me if you want to discuss:

  • Getting away from a stale, process-driven culture into a thoughtful, human-centered one
  • Taking a concept to validated idea in (next to) no time
  • How to be the best, most supportive leader you can to your team
  • How to get people to care about accessibility
  • Exactly how annoyed to get when a designer detaches a component in Figma
  • Looking for my resume? Here you go.