We Need to Talk

My forthcoming book for Rosenfeld Media, due out in 2023. It’s about how to have hard conversations with anyone at work.

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Too few teams truly embrace healthy conflict—the secret to building great products—so I conduct workshops that teach you how to leverage it with practical, equitable, non-prescriptive methods to craft the best possible version of your product, your team, and even yourself.

My workshops give you tools you can use immediately in your next tough conversation. Whether you’re having hard conversations with your boss about a crucial decision, a teammate who makes offensive jokes, or someone who’s underperforming on a team, this book takes the fear out of engaging in conflict. Here are a few takeaways.

Easily digestible, tactical tools #

  • Learn to structure any conversation for maximum success by using tools like the Conversation Pyramid and Cranky Conclusions
  • Understand how to keep everyone engaged even when the stakes are high.
  • Know how to correct failing conversations and restore safety so you can keep going.

Build better products and teams #

  • Learn how to establish shared purpose when compromise seems impossible.
  • Be able to kindly deliver tough decisions to underperforming teammates
  • Know how to make the most of conflict on remote teams.

Inclusivity and empowerment #

  • Know how to build psychological safety into your team by starting small
  • Understand the best ways to address gender and power dynamicsU
  • Learn how to have cross-cultural conflict that isn’t based on stereotypes.

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