User Research Plan

A guide for planning your research that will convince your stakeholders that the time investment is worth it.

Business Objectives #

What’s the main goals you’re trying to achieve?

The business’ main goal here is:

Beat last year's signup numbers

We’re trying to understand:

Why signup numbers don't match our projections

We need to keep in mind:


Users will get:

An easier signup experience

Timeline #

How long will this take?

Time needed:

3 weeks until share-out

Hypotheses & goals #

Hypothesis #

What will you test?

We hope to:

desired learning

So that:

users can reduce time with support

We’ll know we’re right when:

users call in less frequently

Goals #

List no more than three.
Can users complete a certain task

Anti-goals #

What won’t you build?


Line by line description of our tests

Methodology #

How are you going to do this?

Proposed type of session:

user interviews, user tests, a/b testing

Estimated time per session:

45 minutes

Number of people needed:


Proposed method:

user interviews, user tests, a/b tests

Proposed place:

Zoom, Skype, socially-distanced in-person


Lookback, [](

Metrics #

What are you measuring?

Metric 1:

Reduced time on task

Metric 2:

Increased registration

Metric 3:

Reduction in support phone calls

Participants & Recruiting #

How will you find your users?

We’ll find users by:

email surveys, customer service databases, marketing lists

We’ll incentivize them by:

$100 Amazon gift card, statement credit 

Participants should be:

demographics, type of user