Product Designer Pre-screen

What to look for before you call a candidate in for an interview.

Before you pick a candidate to move forward, make sure they meet the requirements for working well at your company. It’ll change based on whether you’re an early stage startup, megacorp, or a consultancy.

Portfolio Checklist #

  • Has a portfolio
  • Has research findings for projects (Did research in every project)
  • Has low-fidelity sketches for multiple projects
  • Calls out how a design changed between idea and implementation
  • Has at least one project that was shipped to market
  • Demonstrates having worked with Product Managers and Engineers
  • Describes the team and their role in that team (No heroes or solo flyers)
  • Work is visually sound, and follows common conventions where appropriate

Bonus #

  • Demonstrates how design helped achieve business objectives
  • Has some experience either coding directly, or working in a design system
  • Has advanced experience in facilitation and team alignment