On Site Interview Template

Calling a candidate in for a final round of interviews? Here’s how to set expectations.

Hey {NAME}, Great news! We would love to have you join us for an immersion day. The immersion day is a chance to unpack your design process and work in a portfolio review session with our team and get a feel for the work we’re doing.

Please be prepared to share your ideas and discuss your work with us. Be prepared to discuss your understanding of the problem space, and the process you used to create a product to solve the need. We’re excited to chat with you!

Portfolio Review #

This is where you get to shine. Walk us through your portfolio and how you’ve solved the problems you’ve faced in previous roles. As a minimum, you should have three separate projects that have gone to market that you’ve collaborated with product managers and engineers on.

Things we’ll be looking for:

  • How you defined the problem with your stakeholders
  • A demonstration of working files and other artifacts
  • A demonstration of constraints to solving the problem (i.e. systems, timelines, regulations, etc.)
  • Photographs and other evidence of product discovery activities conducted
  • Sketches, task flows, other demonstrations of domain knowledge
  • Prototypes and test results
  • A clear demonstration of the outcomes of design

Location #

List your address, if in person.

How long is the Interview?

Up to 4 hours, but only about 90 minutes is portfolio review. The rest of the time, you’ll be able to dig into our work and work alongside us.

Why is it so long?

This gives the team and you a chance to really work together and understand each other. We want to be transparent and show you who we are instead of just telling you about us.

Dress Code #

Casual work attire is fine. Jeans are okay.

Tech Setup #

You’ll have access to Airplay and HDMI cables as part of your interview. You will be expected to bring your own computer and present your own work. You’ll have access to Guest Wi-Fi.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We want you to succeed and be able to give it your best shot!

Warmly, You