Design Presentations

On presenting design work and soliciting feedback.

How we communicate about our work is just as important as the effort that went into making it. Read the following carefully.

Show in context #

It’s always best to show something in context and at the right fidelity. To that end:

  • Show interactive over static
  • Show it in context
  • Never send a PDF, especially by email

To not do these loses valuable context.

Scope your sessions #

Know what you want to get out of your sessions before going in.

  • Articulate what you need feedback on: is it a login flow? Legibility check?
    • Discuss how your work maps to objectives and goals.
    • If it’s brand-related, focus on brand guidelines, tone and voice.
  • Give ample time to consider and discuss.
    • Consider sending in advance so feedback can be more considered
  • Do not ask someone if they like it. Do not tell them everything that’s on the screen.
    • Instead ask things like “what might we not be seeing,” “what hurdles do you see in adoption?
  • Give them 5 or so min to write feedback down
    • Initial gut reactions don’t always yield the most productive comments.