Crazy 8s

An exercise in idea generation.

Key points #

  1. Generate interface ideas, as many as possible
  2. Get on the same page
  3. Involve the right people. Consider:
    1. Stakeholders
    2. Support/frontline staff
    3. Engineers
    4. Product managers

Needs #

  • Paper, A4 or letter is perfect
  • Sharpies, thicker the better

How to do it #

  • Distribute supplies if you’re in person
    • If you’re remote, have participants use printer paper folded in half vertically and horizontally OR use a template in Miro or similar
  • Give clients eight rounds of one minute each to individually sketch out a part of the interface
  • Make sure they know they don’t have to be an artist. It’s just about getting your idea out there and discussing it
  • For the next 30 minutes, allow each person to show their ideas.
    • After someone presents an idea, ask if anyone had something similar. Group those together.
    • If you’re remote, you can ask them to take a photo and email it or upload it to a shared Miro document.