Silver Nitrate, Design as an Attitude

It was a good weekend for movies. TMNT was so good, like it had no business being so good. I have seen way too many “revivals” of nostalgic shows that were boring or lifeless and this wasn’t one of them.

In the same weekend I also saw Talk to Me. Horror movie of the year, hands down. What a great, tight story that was. Excited to see the prequel they shot in secret.

Reading #

Digging deep into Silver Nitrate, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia of Mexican Gothic fame. I know she creates some pretty foul worlds, but I love visiting them. This one is set in the early 90s and involves occultists, Mexico City, and film. Such a fun story.

Also picked up Design as an Attitude, by Alice Rawsthorn. Taking in more meta views about design and things that aren’t just about things on the ground level like best practices for user interviews, etc. is of big interest to me. Why? If I’m to understand where Design can go, I need to understand where it came from and how other people are shaping it.

Design #

Refining my Illustrator skills a bit and decided to try them out on a fresh skull logo for the site. Preferences welcome, this is certainly a work in progress.