Why I redid my site

I had a few reasons for redoing my site. Turns out said reasons fold up nicely inside the concept of something called web sustainability. I learned about this after seeing a W3C’s working group publish a sustainability guidelines report in September of 2023. It resonates deeply and is worth a read.

One wild stat they shared was that if the Internet were a country, it would be the world’s fourth largest polluter.

Docs #

Lots more additions to the guides section. Links. Figma Templates. A few new bookmarks, too. Go wild.

Philosophy #

Every so often, I revist my life and work goals. Lots has changed in the few years since 2019 when I made my last major update. You’re seeing a lot of it play out here, but the design philosophy section plus Nice Weather are the most pointed articulations of these views.

Media #

The Frida Kahlo doc series on PBS is incredible. What a legend. The more I understand myself, the more I love Frida. Also wrapped The Outrage Machine, which was worth the time. Everyone’s seems to be writing about social media, but this has been the best I’ve read. Mostly owing to its psychological and sociological bent. And it’s super accessible to read for laypeople like me.

Misc #

RIP UI design, I guess? (A friend said it died with iOS 7 and I do not disagree.)