Reorganization and ePubs

Did some reorganization to take advantage of Hugo’s page bundles, which will make updates a little smoother and keep the site tidy.

I’d wanted a workflow where I could easily copy/paste from my writing environment directly into Hugo but that proved a little too tricky to set up.

ePubs #

Turns out, you can make ebooks out of markdown sites. So I turned The Nevermore into an ePub book! It took a lot of work to get how I wanted, but it’s easy enough to do with Pandoc. I ended up moving over to a familiar favorite to finish it up, Calibre. That let me add styling and everything I wanted. The interface isn’t as easy for writing code, but has a certain “early 2000s” charm to it that I love.

These ePub files are basically giant zip files with xhtml powering them. So cool.