The Nevermore and wget

We had a friend over for an introvert art night, basically we whittled time away working on art projects individually. I’d long been considering which collection of Poe’s work I should get, but the editions I’ve seen are shiny and have terrible line length and typesetting. Yes, I am that kind of person. What good is a book if it’s difficult to read?

So, having no desire to do physical art, I turned to the world of static site generators. Much like what you see here, I cooked up another and went about collecting Poe’s works.

A little wget here, a little macro formatting there, and before long I’d collected over 150 works. Some poems, some letters, and most of the short stories.

So after a weekend’s work (nothing super intensive, I still had time to relax), I came up with The Nevermore. Please note the devilish domain name.

Most of what I’ve been doing is looking at old books and how they set type (they had so many beautiful ways of doing so back in the 1800s), and made sure that the reading experience was somewhat deferential to those of the time, but with some modern enhancements.

Caslon helped tremendously here, as it adds class to anything it touches.