Sculpture and LACMA

Art #

Started in on a clay sculpture. I was inspired by Foundation’s incredible opening credits, and thought it would be fun to sculpt a half human/half bone…thing. So I got some polymer clay, primer, and set to work.

Initially I wanted to have it entirely emblazoned with glitter but it really hid the subtle textures I put on the face. So I got some adhesive I could paint on and then applied the glitter.

I made a couple quality of life updates here: namely better line height. I really love tightly tracked text but sometimes my own preferences go against legibility. I’m considering if I want to move structures so I can keep things out of /static and use Hugo’s book structure. It’s skirting my goal to not over-engineer or needlessly tweak. TBD.

Visited LACMA last weekend briefly. It was stunningly humid. But, amazing art.

Design #

Designed something for a friend’s startup and really enjoyed bringing a rough idea to life. I focused on the noesthetic idea and just peeled away a lot of superfluous elements. I like it.