Personal LLM explorations

Tech #

Lots more fun to be had on the LLM front.

Tavily might be helpful in other research. It’s really my ideal use case for such a technology. In a similar vein, GPT Researcher seems like it might also fit the bill for unbiased (I hope) research.

Quivr seems interesting, too, as it’s promising to be a second brain. If it’s more useful than Spotlight, I’ll be interested.

Writing #

More tech edits for We Need to Talk. I’m getting closer. I got some in-depth feedback from more skilled mediators. It’s good to know I’m worth my salt as a mediator, and I’ve still got room to grow.

Misc weirdness #

I saw some old army report someone got from a FOIA where they looked into astral projection, and the photo at the top is from one of those pages.