Meditation For The Over-Stimulated

A short meditation for when things get overwhelming.

Remember we have three selves: the emotional, intellectual, and action self.

When we are in a particularly intense period, perhaps after a trip somewhere, a visit withsomeone, or just a tough day, try this.

  • Find a quiet spot. Silence your device.
  • Take three, deep, cleaning breaths. Then close your eyes.
  • Visualize yourself as a tree, growing roots deep into the earth.
  • Think about your emotions, the things stressing you. Then visualize your roots releasing them into the earth. These emotions go down through your toes, through the roots, and out into the earth to be reborn and transformed into something new.
  • Consider your thoughts, their immensity and weight. Visualize them as leaves releasing from your branches. These thoughts and the weight they carry move up from your chest and out into the leaves. They float up into the air and onward, also to be reborn and transformed into something new.
  • As the emotions and thoughts begin clear, you find yourself centered and balanced.
  • Check in with your body from crown to toe. Go slowly, acknowledging each part.
  • Feel a calmer self emerge, one that is able to be fully in its body and present moment.