Low Power Mode for Humans

Taking inspiration from how devices recharge themselves.

We can’t all take vacations or mental health days, but we can leverage an idea from phones to recharge and restore ourselves: low power mode. It isn’t possible or even advisable go full speed all the time, much though we’d like.

I wrote down what I’d do if I were in low power mode, which helped whenever I felt overwhelmed. If you’re in the same position, try it out for yourself.

Have to #

  • Go to work
  • Clean myself
  • Sleep
  • Drink Water
  • Be there for my people (at home)
  • Meet immediate deadlines

Nice to do #

  • Stretch
  • Meditate
  • Eat healthy food
  • Take a walk over lunch
  • Be there for my people (at work)
  • Realize that sometimes only doing part of a load of dishes or laundry is perfect, even if I don’t fully unload things already there

It isn’t #

  • Do extra things that don’t directly relate to things in the “have to” category

It definitely isn’t #

  • Check your email or work comms after hours