Visual Art

Mixed media collages, glitch art and skulls. Lots of dark, yet hopeful themes exploring identity, loneliness, and memento moris.


Series. Sometimes I fix watches. Sometimes they explode on me. These are experiments with 1950s timepieces that didn’t get fixed. I integrated its parts into two skulls. A memento mori.


Series. Experiment in applying an iron oxide coating to a resin skull, then letting it rust. I also rusted the nails in a solution of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.


Series. Experiment with unicorn skeleton and color-sensitive paint.


Series. Integrating a blackout painted skull with a vintage 1900s typewriter.

New York

Mixed media collage for Elementary, My Dears Podcast


Series. Comparing the events of the 1918 flu pandemic with 2019’s COVID-19.

Delete Me

Hand-set typography, mixed media collage.