Joshua Mauldin

About me, personally and professionally.

Personal Biography #

I’m ever curious. Always looking for connections, always trying something new.

In my spare time, I tinker with restoring old iPods and making art with skulls (not real ones, which would be weird). I absolutely adore typography and have designed multiple typefaces, including Cosmata and Uptown Sans. I read a lot.

I call Joshua Tree home, but split time between there and Los Angeles.

Professional Biography #

I’m not like other design leaders.

My ideal day isn’t sitting in strategy meetings all day, managing managers. Instead, I find joy in working at both the strategic tactical level. Some call it a player-coach, I call it my happy place.

Since starting my career, I’ve built high-performing, deeply collaborative design teams from scratch and designed 5-star mobile apps. Being a leader who loves being hands-on and practicing my craft gives me my edge.

I work with companies in healthcare, fintech, and other consumer-facing industries. My most rewarding projects are those which help people lead better lives through improving their mental and physical health.

I’ve managed directly for over 5 years of management and have over 15 years experience in practicing design. My start came from being a visual artist that created websites for bands.

My values are important, and they’ll enrich both your product and company:

  • Being responsible for what we put into the world
  • Being principle-driven, not process-shackled
  • Kindness, fairness, and equity
  • Talking it out
Photo by Sarah DeShields
Photo by Sarah DeShields

I’m currently writing a book called “We Need to Talk: How to Have Hard Conversations with Anyone” for Rosenfeld Media.

Talk to me if you want to discuss:

  • Getting away from a stale, process-driven culture into a thoughtful, human-centered one
  • Taking a concept to validated idea in (next to) no time
  • How to be the best, most supportive leader you can to your team
  • How to get people to care about accessibility
  • Exactly how annoyed to get when a designer detaches a component in Figma
  • Looking for my resume? Here you go.