Current projects

I design so many things for screens that I thought it'd be fun to try something new. Enter Neuedist, a product company that sells custom t-shirts and prints. Yes, the name is a typography pun, and I'm ok with that.

Incorporated in 2011. Through it, I've had the good pleasure of helping people build some great apps and websites. I also have people on my team that I'm happy to call friends. Invisible Interface focuses on mobile design for iOS and the web and is attempting to build more of its own products.

The sister site to Happy GIFs. It came about after a sort of joke about how the world needed another cat GIF site, but apparently people like it. Plus, they're cat GIFs and I believe we're morally obligated to adore them.

I wanted to make a site dedicated entirely to happiness. So I filled it with cute and generally uplifting GIFs. Inside, you'll find an assortment of about every type of animal known to man as well as other things from popular culture. I look at it every day, and you probably should, too.

I wanted to create a place to house animated GIFs in case anyone would care to see them after GeoCities shut down in 2009. It's been my longest-running side project and features daily GIFs curated from throughout the web and from readers. It's lucky enough to have been a regular on StumbleUpon, Reddit and other Google searches.

Things I’ve Written


My real problem with in-app rating modules

Every app developer wants you to rate their app. I talk about a few ways that we can get those ratings, but also talk about how we're missing a chance to talk to our users.